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Invigilator app

This app provides an overview of BIIAB Examination Regulations and Invigilator Instructions and offers advice for coping with and responding to assessment inspections.


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The role of the invigilator

  • Responsible for the administration of Awarding Body qualifications
  • Must be trained in Awarding Body Examination regulations and Invigilator Instructions

The following are not permitted as sole invigilators:

  • Relatives of any learner taking an examination
  • Anyone who has prepared the learner for the subject being examined

BIIAB model for QA

  • Centre Approval Process
  • Annual Monitoring
  • Assessment Inspections

BIIAB centre manual

Centre Contact responsible for:

  • Ordering Examination Materials and Retakes
  • Receipt of Examination Materials

Role of Invigilator

  • Responsible for the overall conduct of a BIIAB examination
  • Responsible for maintaining the integrity of the examination process
  • Responsible for ensuring best practice throughout the examination

Examination regulations

BIIAB must be contacted if:

  • Change of Venue, Time and/or Date of examination
  • Cancellation of examination

Edexcel ESM should be updated as ‘no show’ for any cancellation of examination



Make sure you are in possession of the following prior to the examination:
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Prior to the examination

  • Examination papers to be downloaded and stored in a secure environment
  • Completion of Examination Material Tracking Form
  • Ensure that you are in possession of all examination materials
  • Ensure examination accommodation meets BIIAB requirements
  • Candidates should be available 15 minutes before the examination

Pre-Examination Administration

  • Partial completion of candidate answer sheet
  • Partial completion of candidate nominal roll
  • Verification of Candidate Identity
  • Complete candidate nominal roll
  • Candidate signature on answer sheet
  • Candidates requiring reasonable adjustment/special consideration

Basic room seating plan

  • One invigilator to 30 candidates.
  • Examination room must be of a suitable size and layout.
  • Candidates should be sat at individual tables all facing in the same direction.
  • The distance between each candidate will be a minimum of 1.2 metres(4ft)
  • Invigilator to have a desk at the front of the examination room
  • If the room contains a bar area it must be either completely shuttered or empty of alcoholic bottles/measures.
  • If the room has pillars or supports, the invigilator must be able to clearly see all candidates.
  • All displays and helpful material must also be removed prior to the start of an examination
  • The examination room must be in a quiet, undisturbed location, with adequate heating, lighting and ventilation.

All candidates must be able to see the following:

A whiteboard, flip chart or laminated sign with the following information displayed.

  • Centre number
  • Paper number
  • Start time of the examination
  • Finish time of the examination
  • A central clock


Have you done the following:
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Starting the examination

  • Inform candidates of examination requirements
  • Ensure candidates have necessary materials to complete examination
  • Instruct candidates how to complete Candidate Answer Sheet
  • Open and issue examination papers
  • Give clear instructions stating start and finishing times

During the examination

  • Candidates must be supervised at all times
  • Invigilator must be mobile and attentive at all times
  • Late candidates may be admitted at the discretion of the Invigilator
  • Candidates who leave the room must be accompanied
  • Follow and implement malpractice procedures if suspected during examination
  • Follow and implement emergency procedures if required during examination

At the end of the examination

  • A warning should be given to candidates 15 minutes prior to the end of the examination time
  • Double check that candidates have signed their answer sheets
  • Collect all candidate answer sheets and examination papers in before candidates leave the examination room, and ensure all areaccounted for


Have you done the following:
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After the examination

All material, including completed candidate answer sheets, examination papers, unused candidate answer sheets, copy of the nominal roll, group data protection statement (where applicable) MUST be securely sealed in the grey security bag provided PRIOR to the invigilator leaving the examination room.

To ensure centre is complying with BIIAB regulations

  • Reason behind centre choice
  • Copy of Assessment
  • Inspector Report Form in QA Manual
  • To help centres maintain and improve procedures
  • Full feedback given

BIIAB Checklist

The attached BIIAB Generic Examination Invigilation Checklist should be completed and signed by the invigilator for all BIIAB qualifications

For other Awarding Body Examinations

For other Awarding Body Examinations, the name and job title of the invigilator should be confirmed on the VPR

What is CentreZone

Secure area on BIIAB website.

Administration tool for Approved Centres

  • Order papers
  • Cancel orders
  • Get results
  • Get breakdown on learning outcomes/assessment criteria that individual candidate has failed
  • Group analysis
  • Search for candidate records

Examination Department will send a supply of examination materials:

  • Candidate Answer Sheets (applicable to the qualifications that centres run)
  • Candidate Nominal Roll Forms (applicable to the qualifications that centres run)
  • Group Data Protection Statement template (if applicable)
  • Blue Security Bags Grey Bags

Forms Required

Examination Paper Tracking Form

  • To be completed at time of printing and destruction of downloaded papers

Additional Examination Material Order Form

  • 3 months supply of examination materials


Centre orders papers through CentreZone

  • 8 working days notice
  • Under 2 working days notice
  • BIIAB allocates paper
  • Facility to print paper will appear on CentreZone
  • Centre prints paper(s) in secure conditions
  • Examination Paper Tracking Form to be completed

Examination takes place

Centre orders papers through CentreZone

  • Invigilator sends back in the grey bag
  • Candidate Answer Sheets
  • Candidate Nominal Roll Forms
  • Group Data Protection Statement (if applicable)
  • All other examination papers to be destroyed in secure conditions.


  • No late order charge (providing there are at least two working days notice)
  • No requirement to order additional examination papers
  • No requirement to send back all examination papers (saving postage)
  • Helping the environment (only printing and using the required amount of examination papers)

Checklist 4

Have you done the following:


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