About us

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Our mission

The mission of Field Sports Management is to provide comprehensive sports training, leagues, tournaments, clinics, camps, recreation, education, research and facilities that serve the year round needs of local people, in a positive and supportive environment, staffed by well-trained local individuals who will welcome participants without regard to skill level, ancestry, ethnicity or gender.

Field Sports Management is committed to ensure local individuals, families and Clubs gain:

  • Access to sports opportunities
  • Wellness and lifelong physical activity
  • Access to a positive learning environment which will develop and build self esteem


The aims and objectives for Field Sports Management are:

  • To work in partnership with schools and clubs at known sports destinations with existing infrastructure and invest sensibly to create premier facilities
  • Utilise the strong brand and experienced management team to operate facilities with a purpose, controlling supply with a focused weekly output ensuring the huge demand is aware and participating as soon as the facilities open
  • Provide solid experienced management to enhance the playing experience of grass roots sports participants in a safe and professionally managed environment at an affordable rate
  • To encourage participation from all social, religious and gender groups to use the facilities. By increasing participation in sport we can help people maintain a healthy lifestyle and tackle local social issues.
  • Work with local development officers, professional clubs and governing bodies to ensure that provision is fulfilling local strategy to ensure players, coaches and referees who are showing promise of developing to a higher level can do so through the right channels
  • Develop a multi-functional sports centre that interacts and becomes a key integral part of the community

Social Responsibility

Providing leisure at affordable rates and creating a sports hub for the community that delivers for all ages will encourage participation and help local people focus and engage in sport. Working in conjunction with local partners, Field Sports Management will create employment opportunities, deliver educational and coaching schemes, run sessions for specifically targeted groups such as the Kickz program, and provide discounted and free sessions for less privileged groups.

Field Sports Management will be a unique facility providing a highly demanded product list and deliver a strong link for grass roots sport to professional sport. The flexible facility mix will provide a diverse product range daily and seasonally meeting the all year demands of local people and clubs. Our products will be of the finest quality with exceptional playing surfaces and equipment, the best coaches and ancillary facilities to ensure every aspect is maximised to the full.

Ancillary pavilions will provide a number of additional services to enhance the pitch delivery and create other standalone products. Treatment clinics can be delivered for sports injuries and rehabilitation as well as standing alone as an easily accessible clinic with car parking for other injuries such as work related strains. Classroom space can be provided for coaching awards, community groups and educational based activities for local children and parents

Management Team

Twenty years of experience designing, building and operating leisure centres across the UK. This delivery includes all weather and grass football, rugby and hockey pitches, tennis, squash, basketball and netball courts, cricket nets and pitches, fitness clubs, swimming pools, sports halls, soft play areas, conference rooms, licensed bars and function halls, treatment clinics and changing rooms.

Having operated the smallest and biggest facilities in the UK, designed and purpose built venues, refurbished sites and taken over the management of existing venues, Field Sports Management have all the skills to manage, expand or refurbish existing sports facilities to ensure you can relax and know the facilities will be maintained to top specification and customers given the best leisure experience possible.

In addition to a vastly experienced operating team Field Sports management have an in house experienced construction manager, qualified QS and project manager and member of the RICS since 1987 who has managed multiple projects ranging from £100,000 to £60,000,000.

Field Sports Management can manage, refurbish or build the sports facilities you need.